It Takes Many Hands to Support a Child with Developmental Challenges. These hands often include parents, grandparents, caregivers, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers, doctors, specialists, etc. It is when these hands come together to give support, guidance (without judgment), and understanding…  the child can feel secure and accepted, and ready to trust and move onto new challenges!!!  

Marylou is a highly skilled clinician in evaluation, treatment, and consultative services. She is committed to educating and coaching families and collaborating with other professionals to obtain the most successful outcome for the children receiving services. Occupational Therapy treatment sessions provide an integrative approach of Neuro-Developmental Treatment, Sensory Integration, and Skill Building depending on the specific needs of the child.      

The Process

The Referral:

 Children can be referred for Occupational Therapy by their doctors, therapists, teachers and parents for any specific area of concern in the child’s motor development, school performance and/or challenges, and sensory regulation. This can be done calling the office and leaving a message with your name and phone contact for a call back. An appointment for an initial evaluation will be scheduled. 

The Evaluation:

  Marylou has extensive experience in various behavioral strategies in order to build a rapport and trust with each child coming to the office for the first time to insure a successful outcome. She understands that some children need more time before they can feel “OKAY” to work with someone new. Evaluations are scheduled during off hours to provide extra time in a calm and quiet environment. Once the evaluation has been completed, the needs of the child will be identified during a post-evaluation consultation with the parents or caregivers. A recommendation for therapy may be indicated. It is customary for parents to leave this appointment with their questions answered, a better understanding of their child’s challenges, and how these challenges may be impacting their child at home, in school, and in their social life. A discussion of therapeutic interventions and strategies used during therapy sessions is provided in addition to strategies to use at home.