Speech Therapy


The initial appointment is an evaluation with a consultation. Evaluation includes formal speech and language testing and a hearing screening.Written reports can be sent to physicians, schools and other agencies with parental permission.


Individual therapy is provided. Group sessions are offered when deemed beneficial. Therapy goals are discussed with parents or client at the onset of treatment.

Home Program

Children and Adults attending therapy will receive specific exercises and practices to follow through at home. The home program is an essential role in achieving success in therapy goals.

Articulation Therapy

" I always see my son's tongue between his teeth as he speaks".

To improve speech production and increase speech intelligibility including a lisp, phonological disorders, sound errors and developmental apraxia.

Oro-motor Therapy

" Thomas is so frusterated his friends can't understand him".

To improve feeding and drinking skills.Ton introdice excersises for tongue, lips, and jaw for better articulatioon placement. To decrease drooling. To develop better oral function for speech production. To improve oro-motor planning for the apraxic child.

Language Therapy

Mia, 5 years old, " It's hard me to explain my ideas".

To develop and enhance receptive language, which is understanding and to develop expressive language which is speaking.

Stuttering Therapy

 Joshua, 35 years old,"It's Easier Done Than Said"

To improve fluent speech for children and adults who stutter. Certification from the Natural Center for Stuttering. Provider and Referral source for The Stuttering Foundation.

Myofunctional Therapy

"Maddie's' teeth shifted after her braces came off". 

To improve dental alignment with correction of swallow pattern. Certification from Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry.

Auditory Processing Therapy

" I have to tell Matthew directions over and over".

Computer-based programs to improve auditory skills, attention and focusing skills.

Feeding Therapy

" Maria is such a fussy eater".

Providing sensory techniques to tolerate textures, improve chewing skills and encourage swallowing.

Small Talk

 Small Talk is a private, non-profit organization that has served central New Jersey since 1992. Its mission is to provide therapeutic services for young (birth-6) children with communication disabilities. A speech and language delay often includes, children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficity Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD) and Hearing Loss. A speech and language delay does not always have a physical etiology but could be a developmental delay. Early intervention can improve skills for a successful beginning in an academic setting.

The Program

Small talk is a 12 month program that provides continuous service for children with speech and language disabilities. Groups are small, with therapist-child ratio of 1 to 4. Small talk provides therapeutic intervention for children who are grouped according to their age and level of function. Vocabulary building, auditory skills, language improvement, speech skills, socialization, and cognitive development are all addressed in groups for ages 2- 6. A developmentally appropriate curriculum with structured activities are the means to achieve each child's individual goals. Services are under the direct supervision of licensed and certified speech language pathologists.

Small talk receives funds from private tuitions, and  individual donations. Full and partial scholarships are available.

Helping Hand

Small Talk's belief is that all children should have the chance to succeed regardless of any mental, physical, or communication challenges that they may encounter. Small Talk offers programs for families of children and adults who cannot afford therapy services. No one should be turned away due to a financial inability to pay for service. Obtaining funds is an ongoing process to include as many families as possible to receive financial assistance. Please call or email for an application at (732) 741-8073 or